[Product Image]   WriteUp is a full-featured word processor that was designed exclusively for OPENSTEP and AppleOS. Special features include: full WYSIWYG display, text and graphics integration, multiple headers and footers, table importing, templates (style sheets), split views, and a unique page navigator for longer documents. WriteUp can import and export all common word processing and graphics formats.   WriteUp also provides an Application Programmer's Interface.

Text Processing

  • Fonts: multiple faces and sizes
  • Attributes: bold, italic, superscript, subscript, subscript, single & double underline, word underline, redline, strikeout
  • Alignment: left, center, right, full
  • Tabs: left, right, center, decimal; optional dot-leaders; default tab spacing, flush right tab
  • Line spacing: fixed or variable
  • Paragraph Spacing: above, below, between
  • Break protection: widows/orphans, keep together, keep with next
  • Paragraph border attributes: lines and fills imported
  • Typographic control: automatic pairwise kerning, ligatures, hanging punctuation, "Smart Quotes" substitution
  • Hyphenation: automatic
  • Color: drag-and-drop from standard color panel
  • Bullets: create hanging bullets automatically without tabs
  • Case change operations (lower, upper, capitalize)
  • Special codes: current page, total pages, fixed and variable date/time
  • Embedded graphics: resizable with baseline support
  • Paragraph Styles: all standard attributes, plus "based on" and "followed by" styles; can be sparsely defined and locally overridden
  • View and insertion of all available characters

User Interface

  • Emacs keybindings
  • Text Selection from mouse and keyboard
  • Forward delete and transpose operations
  • Full Intel keyboard support: e.g. Home key, Page Up key, Function keys
  • User-configurable keymaps to emulate other word processors

Graphics Processing

  • Graphic Styles (similar in concept to paragraph styles) save frequently used, named combinations of lines, fills, dashes, and arrows
  • Drag-and-drop graphics files or paste from other applications
  • Page-based graphics at fixed location
    • Automatic text runaround or overlay
    • Frame and fill color
    • Graphic layering
    • Precise scaling and rotation
    • User-specified name allows API access
  • Embedded graphics in text
  • Object Link (Paste-and-Link) support for live updating
  • Image Filter service support
  • Graphic Links Panel displays information about graphics that are included by reference

Document Processing

  • Full WYSIWYG display, including headers, footers, and graphics
  • Page navigator: thumbnail view for easy maneuvering through documents
  • Multiple document views: different pages and/or zoom factors
  • Margins: document and paragraph-specific
  • Text Ruler: tab, margin, and indentation settings
  • Units: points, picas, inches, metric
  • Headers/Footers: fully variable throughout document (flow with text), can apply to all, odd, or even pages
  • Process markup: adjusts document based on redline and strikeout marked text
  • Zoom in/out: 10% to 1600%
  • Automatic page numbering, Roman or Arabic style
  • Multi-column support
  • Manual page breaks
  • Mail Merge facility: provides personalized document generation; data source can be file or pasteboard
  • Auto-numbering for lists and outlines, up to ten levels

Document Management/Other

  • Standard file handling: new, open, save, save as, revert to saved, etc.
  • Default "New document" preference
  • Template documents: load/save
  • Import/export formats: ASCII, RTF, RTFD, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro, WriteNow, all kinds of graphics, most other popular word processors
  • Multi-lingual spell checking and hyphenation
  • Autosave interval
  • Print and fax to any supported device
  • Digital Librarian filter allows native documents to be indexed
  • On-line help


  • Dictionaries and hyphenation for numerous languages (call for details)
  • French and German UI available
  • All program messages in easily modified string tables
  • User interface (nib) files available for editing
  • User-selectable decimal align character