PasteUp.gif (1086 bytes)The PasteUp physical distribution includes CD-ROM, 164-page user manual, and installation guide. You can also download a copy.   NEXTSTEP 3.0 or higher required, 3.2 or higher strongly recommended. Certified on all Mach versions of OPENSTEP 4.x. Available architectures: NeXT, Intel, HPPA (except 4.x), SPARC. Native OPENSTEP versions for Mach and NT are available.

PasteUp has a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, you may return it for the complete purchase price plus shipping and handling.


  • Single user: $695.00 (US$)+ s/h
  • Students*: $195.00 (US$) + s/h
  • Other Academic: $450.00 (US$) + s/h
  • Evaluation Copy with all materials: $25.00 (US$) + s/h (license string valid for 30 days)

*Note: To qualify for the student price, you must be currently enrolled full-time at an institutional of higher learning. Proof of status, such as a photocopy of a student ID, is required.

At this time, no resellers are authorized to carry AFS products. All orders must be placed directly with AFS at, or you can fax payment and delivery instructions to CompanyFAX. For your convenience, AFS accepts VISA, MasterCard, and international money orders for overseas shipments, as well as personal checks, corporate checks, and authorized PO's from domestic customers.

When you order, you can specify an additional European language dictionary. Currently available languages include English (standard), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norweigan, Danish and Dutch.