PasteUp.gif (1086 bytes)There are two distinct releases of PasteUp available for downloading: PasteUp 2.61 for NEXTSTEP 3.x, and PasteUp 3.0 for OPENSTEP/Mach and OPENSTEP/NT. Scroll down to (or click) the desired section and click on as many items as you need to demonstrate the capabilities you require. If a README file exists, always download that first for full descriptions of what is available and how to assemble the pieces.

If you already own a 2.6x license, the download will work with the latest maintenance release (you will need to re-license after installing). Otherwise, the application will run in demo mode, which allows all features except saving and printing documents. Contact AFS for a fully enabled 30-day evaluation license, or to purchase/upgrade the application and receive a permanent license.

PasteUp 3.0 for OPENSTEP

PasteUp 2.61 for NEXTSTEP 3.x

AFS Document Filter Services 2.0

The 2.0 release of AFSDocumentFilter.service is only for use with PasteUp 2.61 for NEXTSTEP, and are used for importing only, no exporting.