PasteUp.gif (1086 bytes)PasteUp is the premier page layout and publishing package for AppleOS and OPENSTEP. PasteUp provides full typographical control over font leading, tracking, word spacing, line height, and kerning. Professional publishers will appreciate PasteUp's ability to output pages with crop marks, create negative images, set halftone frequency and angle settings, and specify emulsion settings. It's a snap to create a distinctive and consistent look and feel for your company with PasteUp's paragraph and graphic styles and document templates.

  • Fonts: multiple faces and sizes
  • Attributes: bold, italic, superscript, subscript, subscript, single & double underline, word underline, redline, strikeout
  • Alignment: left, center, right, full
  • Tabs: left, right, center, decimal; optional dot-leaders; default tab spacing, flush right tab
  • Line spacing: fixed or variable
  • Paragraph Spacing: above, below, between
  • Break protection: widows/orphans, keep together, keep with next
  • Paragraph border attributes: lines and fills imported
  • Typographic control: automatic pairwise kerning, ligatures, hanging punctuation, "Smart Quotes" substitution
  • Precise positive/negative tracking, leading, and word spacing
  • Hyphenation: automatic
  • Color: drag-and-drop from standard color panel
  • Bullets: create hanging bullets automatically without tabs
  • Case change operations (lower, upper, capitalize)
  • Special codes: current page, total pages, fixed and variable date/time
  • Embedded graphics: resizable with baseline support
  • Paragraph Styles: all standard attributes, plus "based on" and "followed by" styles; can be sparsely defined and locally overridden; named styles are saved in a glossary and applied universally
  • View and insertion of all available characters
  • Copy Attributes transfers object attributes like word spacing, leading, font, and color as part of Copy/Paste

Text Columns

  • Auto Flow columns appear as needed on pages (left, right, all), and link from page to page
  • Manual Flow columns can be drawn and linked in any configuration
  • Column Layout Panel creates set of linked columns. Specify column count, margins, gutters, position, and size. Add or delete columns from master layouts with automatic reflow of text.
  • Manual column/page break markers
  • Headlines are provided by a special tool and resize to fit text as you type

Drawing Tools

  • Built-in tools for lines, rectangles, arbitrary polygons, and ovals.
  • Fill shapes with any color from Color Panel
  • Lines and outlines with any weight or color
  • Create dash patterns for outlined shapes and line segments
  • Built-in and custom arrowheads for line termination
  • Align and distribute objects, horizontally and/or vertically
  • Group and lock selected sets of objects
  • Create snap-to guidelines or snap to ruler tickmarks
  • Copy Attribute operations include height, width, location, color
  • Crop text or any object to a geometric shape; auto-crop tool allows drag-and-drop into crop rectangle

Graphics Processing

  • Graphic Styles (similar in concept to paragraph styles) save frequently used, named combinations of lines, fills, dashes, and arrows
  • Drag-and-drop graphics files or paste from other applications
  • Page-based graphics at fixed location
    • Automatic text runaround or overlay
    • Frame and fill color
    • Graphic layering
    • Precise scaling and rotation
    • User-specified name allows API access
  • Embedded graphics in text for special symbols and equations
  • Scale, rotate, and skew all objects using direct manipulation or entry of a precise numeric value
  • Object Link (Paste-and-Link) support for live updating
  • Image Filter service support for GIF, JPG, etc
  • Graphic Links Panel displays information about graphics that are included by reference

User Interface

  • Emacs keybindings
  • Text Selection from mouse and keyboard
  • Forward delete and transpose operations
  • Full Intel keyboard support: e.g. Home key, Page Up key, Function keys
  • User-configurable keymaps to emulate other products

Document Processing

  • Master and Page Layers allow structured documents by combining repeating (left, right, all) and local objects of any type on each page
  • Full WYSIWYG display
  • Page navigator: thumbnail view for easy maneuvering through documents, collapse page ranges, print selected pages, etc
  • Multiple document views: different pages and/or zoom factors
  • Text Ruler: tab, margin, and indentation settings
  • Units: points, picas, inches, metric
  • Process markup: adjusts document based on redline and strikeout marked text
  • Zoom in/out: 10% to 1600%
  • Automatic page numbering, Roman or Arabic style
  • Multi-column support
  • Manual page breaks
  • Auto-numbering for lists and outlines, up to ten levels

Output/Service Bureau Options

  • Print and fax to any supported device
  • Generate four-color separations, including on-screen preview, for all supported PostScript imagesetters
  • Specify screen angles, bleed, crop marks, registration marks, and emulsion side
  • Overprint support for native and imported graphics

Document Management/Other

  • Standard file handling: new, open, save, save as, revert to saved, etc.
  • Default "New document" preference
  • Template documents: load/save
  • Import formats: ASCII, RTF, RTFD, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro, WriteNow, all kinds of graphics, most other popular word processors
  • Multi-lingual spell checking and hyphenation
  • Autosave interval
  • On-line help


  • Dictionaries and hyphenation for numerous languages (call for details)
  • All program messages in easily modified string tables
  • User interface (nib) files available for editing
  • User-selectable decimal align character